Why Experience Is Important in Video Production

It seems like every other day we hear about a new video production company starting up.  Now, while many of these entrepreneurs are, no doubt, talented, hard working people, it's relatively easy to get in the game.  For a few thousand dollars anyone can buy the proper equipment to shoot and edit HD-quality video, and post it on the web where the whole world can watch it. 

The deal is, I can go out and buy all the professional-quality woodworking tools that I can afford, but that doesn't make me a cabinetmaker.  And, if I actually could make a cabinet, I'm not sure I would want the entire web-world to see it.  So why would you want the new kids on the block to produce a sub-standard video for you that the whole world could see?          

(Promotional video on YouTube from an actual video production company.  Sorry guys.)                   

Experience is what sets us apart from the new guys (or gals).  I've worked for years as a "videomaker" and I can usually tell during almost any phase of a project whether or not the end product will be successful.  More often than not, a project is doomed in the conceptual stage because there is no concept.  Or, if there is no "meat" in the shooting stage, you will not magically end up with steak.  Too often, video producers think that projects can be rescued with flashy editing, over-produced music or fancy graphics.  "We'll fix it in post" is a popular mantra for a producer not knowing what to shoot next to fix a continuity problem in the field.  Pushing buttons and recording video is relatively easy.  The hard part is assembling the proper elements into a cohesive, entertaining, and easy to understand story.

Gregg Schieve working as a video professional>  Gregg_20_AmFam

So, am I going to retire and build cabinets in my garage?  No, I'll leave the cabinet making up to the pros, although I probably could become a pretty good woodworker in 5 to 10 years.  Nope, I intend to continue using my skills to produce, quality, award winning video productions.  Your next video project will be an important reflection on the quality of your company, idea, product or even yourself.  Make it a good one.

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